Smoked Fish Cakes.

effcee1, Jun 26, 1:30am
Would appreciate any recipes pertaining to these please.

cookessentials, Jun 26, 3:00am
I use mashed potato, flaked fish, parsley, salt and papper and an egg to bind. Form into cakes, dip in flour, beaten egg and then into breadcrumbs. I chill for an hour before frying gently in a pan till golden.

effcee1, Jun 26, 4:01am
Thanks for your help cookessentials, at least someone loves me. Knew i could rely on you.

sophia4, Jun 26, 6:19am
red kumara also a good substitute for potato - not yellow or orange though as it's too wet

cookessentials, Jun 27, 11:02pm
No problems effcee1 - how did they turn out?

stormbaby, Jun 27, 11:23pm
Try adding a bit of Maggi green herb stock its really yummy. Apart from that I make mine the same as cookessentials. I serve with beetroot and green beans, yum.

effcee1, Jun 28, 3:18am
Wonderful, Thanks again.

beaker59, Jun 28, 6:24am
I might try your fish cakes tomorrow Cookessentials I smoked a few snapper in the weekend and got a bit carried away with gifting so am left with not quite enough for my famous fish pie but that would be a good way of extending. Last of the fresh snapper fillet for tea tonight in breadcrumbs with lemon pepper just as god intended.

cookessentials, Sep 12, 11:08pm
Beaker, you could use a combination of the smoked and a little flaked plain fish to make it go further. I love fish just lightly crumbed like that too, always the nicest way to have it IMO.

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