Cold smoked fish

jallen2, Jan 8, 3:50am
We have some cold smoked fish - do I need to poach it or cook it in some way or is it alright to eat it as is?
Many thanks in advance :-)

lyl_guy, Jan 8, 4:05am
You can eat it 'straight', that's for sure.... partner was craving some just this afternoon.Or in a lovely Fish pie.

jallen2, Jan 8, 4:12am
Thanks lyl_guy, I still can't really get over the whole uncooked thing, but I'll give it a try. lol :-)
It smells so good...............

beaker59, Jan 8, 4:20am
Great cooked or as is I used to cold smoke allot but it can get a bit dry around the edges too. Currently I cold smoke for 2 hours(1/4 the time) then finish it off with heat so a bit half and half so half way between the modern pretend smoke and a proper dry. Had some in a salad for lunch today very nice :)

jallen2, Jan 8, 4:26am
Thanks beaker- as a matter of interest, how long would you store (in the fridge) the new way you do your smoking? I like the idea, and will recommend it if you don't mind :-)

prawn_whiskas, Jan 8, 4:29am
Yum yum Jallen's place for tea!

Then on to Beakers by the sounds!

Starts walkin!

jallen2, Jan 8, 4:31am
LOL was going to say bring some prawns, but on second thought...... is that cat food? lmao.

prawn_whiskas, Jan 8, 4:34am
Nah I couldn't eat my Bro's! thats cannibalism! .. or is that prawnibalism.

uli, Jan 13, 8:56am
Most cold smoked salmon that you buy in the supermarket is raw :)