Fish Pie

le-min1, Sep 12, 3:44am
Could someone help me out with an easy fish pie recipe please.Thanks.

bluecalico, Sep 12, 5:53am
Make a thick white sauce for the fish........if using tinned, drain. Add some hard boiled eggs, cooked peas etc. I quite like this in between two pieces of pastry and cooked a parcel.....white sauce must be thick though.

le-min1, Sep 12, 7:47am
Sounds good,thank you.

marcs, Sep 12, 8:23am
I don't use pastry but just pile the fish mixture and top with mashed potatoes. Top with cheese and bake

catt2tatt1, Sep 12, 11:53am
Tin of smoked fish fillets,liquid drained & reserved,Prawns,Mussels(option-
al)2 Boiled Eggs,1 spring Onion,sliced.Mashed potato as required.
Arrange smoked fish fillet in the bottom of a casserole dish,along with prawns,mussels & spring onion,Make white sauce as per usual with reserved liquid from tin added to boost flavour,when cooled tip over contents of the casserole dish,Top with warm mashed potato(its easier to arrange warm)Top with grated cheese,a light dusting of breadcrumbs,& baked @180 til cooked through....phew!Its da bomb trust me u will love it!!

kfred, Mar 15, 5:54am
I use smoked hoki when it's on special. I steam it for a little while, place it in a casserole dish & pour some lemon juice over it. Then I pour white sauce over top, top it with mashed potato & lots of cheese on top. I cook it at 180 till it's cooked through & then grill the top till it's nice & brown & crispy. I know it's not exactly a precise recipe but it's been passed down through 2 generations of my family & it's delicious & simple. I've used tinned fish fillets too & it works well :)