Fish Pie ratio of sauce to a tin of fish is?

lindi4, Jun 27, 5:37am
I just made a fish pie using a tin of smoked fish that's 450gms made lovely white sauce and mashed spuds on top. How much sauce should I have made was about 3cups but it was a little dry do you think 4 cups so the sauce is more obvious on the plate. This was a bit dry and chunky also with eggs although very nice.

indy95, Jun 27, 5:49am
That sounds so good, lindi4. For a 450g can of smoked fish I think you would probably need more sauce especially as smoked fish has such a strong flavour.

purplegoanna, Sep 11, 6:03pm
to be nonest ive never actually measured the amount of sauce i use, i just make it up in the pot and when it looks about enough i ad the flaked fish, dont forget a quick handful of grated cheese in the fish sauce mixture adds a nice touch... .