Simple easy Chicken pie recipe please

coolnzmum, Sep 9, 9:31am
Need to cook a chicken pie.Looking for a simple to make pie as I have never made chicken pie before.Will check back tomorrow.Thanks

bisloy, Sep 9, 10:24am
Cooked chicken, add a tin of condensed cream of chicken soup, cooked veges, pastry on top and cook at 200C until pastry is well cooked.

indy95, Sep 9, 8:30pm
Coolnzmum, if you use the search box on the left of your screen, choosing Anytime as the date option you will be overwhelmed by many delicious recipes for all sorts of chicken pies.

cookessentials, Sep 9, 9:35pm
I make mine with leeks,mushrooms, chicken and a nice creamy sauce, and of course, a flakey pastry top.

purplegoanna, Mar 8, 7:13am
mine is fried onion and mushrooms, then add a cup of water then add peas, thinly sliced carrot & sweetcorn, simmer till cooked add cooked diced chicken, then add a pkt of chicken gravy mix to thicken it all up (you can add a wee bit of flour if youve added to much water) then pop it in pastry and in the oven...