Mince & vege pie recipe?

3khatz, Sep 9, 8:01am
I do all the above except I add bisto gravy to it which gives it a nice rich brown gravy

margyr, Sep 9, 8:14am
let your mixture be cold before putting in the pie, or the bottom pastry will be soggy.

rainbowpride, Sep 9, 8:45am
Yup I pretty much do the same thing but so the kids get their vege fix I throw some kumera in or some mixed veges and they love them I bake a large batch and freeze it in small serves as I have a pie maker and get the reduced fat dough and make individual pies for their school lunches.I also save all my leftovers a favourite is a curried sausage pie with coconut rice.

ljw3, Aug 9, 10:49pm
I have taken some mince and some pastry out of the freezer and want to make a comforting, TASTY mince and vege pie for dinner. Does anyone have a nice recipe for this? I can honestly say I have never made one before, but think it would go down well in this house... . if I can find a great recipe! Thanks!

petal1955, Aug 9, 10:55pm
Basically brown your mince (500grms)in batches so it doesnt stew( I dont add any oil but use a heavy bottomed saucepan and get it fairly hot)... ... once all the mince is browned then add some chopped onion and garlic along with a grated carrot then I add all sort of seasonings like a Maggi oxtail soup... . some worchester sauce. HP sauce and soya sauce andsome water... . usually the soup packet rinsed out with water... . . about 1. 1/2 cups maximum for 500 gram of mince turn down the heat add some mix frozen vegs and pop the lid on and simmer for about 20 mins... stirring occasionally to stop mixture sticking to pot. once its cooked if its too runny I take the lid off to let some of the moisture evapourate or you can thicken with some cornflour and water... . then make your pie... ...

ljw3, Aug 9, 10:57pm
Thanks petal1955 - that sounds really yum!

vashti, Jan 11, 4:02pm
I love the way you give a reason for each step, I think this will help a lot of people.