Kings Vege Soup in the slow cooker

shawkt, Jul 13, 1:01am
How do you do it? With bacon bone also

a_n_h, Jul 13, 1:02am
i do it. i have it on auto for about 8 hours and i add, spuds and pumpkin and kumara and what ever other veges i have at the time.
havent tried it with a bacon bone though.

ballito, Jul 13, 1:04am
Made some yesterday in the slow cooker - have to cook it on high though (well I do). I grate in carrot and onion for extra flavour. After about 8 hours I take the bacon hock out, take the meat off and add it back to the soup - delicious. I also do shin meat with King's vege soup.

shawkt, Jul 13, 1:06am
Will give it a try

sunnyflower, Jul 13, 1:09am
I did that last night a bacon hock and packet of kings pea and ham plus a can of pea and ham soup some mixed veges left it on all night on high low today yumm

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