How can you stop Veges from getting water logged?

princesslisa, Sep 24, 6:05am
We are having a hangi tomorrow so we peeling veges tonight so im just wondering how i store the vegetables until then,

i have had someone sugest in water with milk and also with water and charcoal not to sure about charcoal wont that be poisonous?


chef1964, Sep 24, 6:08am
depends what veges
potatos will be fine just in water alone .. add nothing to the water
carrots peeled will be ok same
starchy veges wont get "water-logged" overnight

princesslisa, Sep 24, 6:10am
Oh thanks we have potatoes, Kumera and Pumpkin :D

fisher, Sep 24, 6:14am
spuds, kumura as chef says will be fine in water .. pumpkin no good in water and will become soggy.. just cut it up now and put in cool spot.. maybe will oxidize on the cut edges but no big deal.. or wait till your ready and cut and add to basket just before hangi going down...

uli, Sep 24, 6:15am
Potatoes and kumara need to go in water otherwise they turn a lovely shade of grey/brown because of oxidation with the air.
Pumpkin is better just in a plastic bag in the fridge.

pickles7, Apr 14, 2:59am
Should you be putting down a, hangi ?....princesslisa....delegate.-