Help with freezing veges

squimage, May 30, 7:20pm
Would like to start doing this more. Already freeze mashed carrot, parsnip, beans, spuds. Would like to do broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin and anything else! Can anyone help?

margyr, May 30, 7:37pm
hi, pumpkin i just cut to size, wipe the skins and freeze, i just shake the bag every hour or so till frozen so they are free flow, broccoli and cauliflower bring a pot of salted water to the boil and chuck them in drain straight away and put into iced water, although i dont always do that just allow to cool and freeze, same as the pumpkin just shake bag to keep seperated. tomatos just wipe and freeze, capsicum i chop and freeze.

ttwisty, May 30, 7:39pm
peas, corn, kumara

mwood, Jun 21, 12:02pm
I keep a big bag of mixed vege in the freezer when I go to the supermarket I buy some frozen vege (look for specials) and open them and add them to my big mixed vege bag. When I prepare fresh vege like broccoli, cauli etc I cut some into small florets and add them to the mixed vege bag in the freezer - this way the bag is continually topped up and I always have plenty of vege on hand.