Lots of veges...

rolznsp, Jun 19, 6:39am
I have a huge pumpkin and alot of kumara that needs to be used up so thinking i will make a soup with them tomorrow. i have got Jo seagers pumpkin and kumara soup recipe which is supose to be exceptional... but i am wanting to cook in the slow cooker and i have NEVER made soup before, would i peel cut and boil the pumpkin and kumara right down to soft then add everything into the slow cooker. . ? or what. help :)

margyr, Jun 19, 7:11am
dont know the recipe, but i would peel both the pumpkin and kumera and cut into small peices then just bung into the slow cooker raw.

petal89, Jun 19, 7:18am
yup i would peel vegies

lilyfield, Jun 19, 9:11am
I never peel any vegies- stick all in cooker- ones soft put the stickblender through it. You will never find the peel. Adds extra goodness and saves time.

juliewn, Jun 19, 10:52am
I do the same Lilyfield. .

I give them a scrub under running water, cut any rough bits out. . and chop and put everything in together. . cook in your slow cooker for at least several hours - or even longer - keep the lid on and your soup won't spoil or dry out at all. .

Enjoy your soup. . :-)

bedazzledjewels, Jun 19, 8:18pm
How much liquid do you put in with the veges please? Ta.

uli, Jun 19, 9:21pm
Are you aiming for another golden star here bedazz LOL :)

bedazzledjewels, Aug 19, 5:14pm
Won't be using these veg though! Hey I might try for another one!