What veges are in season right now and who can...

sly-man, Jul 22, 2:23am
offer some good recipes for them? ?

fisher, Jul 22, 4:52am
All the winter veges... Cabbage. . Cauli. . Broccoli. . Pak Choi. . Brussels Sprouts... Carrots. . Silver beet. . etc etc...
google is your friend... :}

uli, Jul 22, 5:06am
What about going to the nelson farmers market next weekend?
You will see everything that is in season there ...

elliehen, Jul 22, 5:13am
sly-man... you could look at the prices in the supermarket. The more expensive the vegetable, the more out-of-season it is.

fisher, Jul 22, 5:14am
Take imported tasteless aussi tomatoes for example. . :}