Best appliance for chopping veges...?

michelle147, Dec 10, 4:11am
I LOVE coleslaw and chopped veges...what is the best appliance for doing this? My hands are tired lol

davidt4, Dec 10, 4:12am
A really good quality chef's knife, kept sharp.

michelle147, Dec 10, 4:13am
Really? i really wanna just pile veges into something and push a button lol

eastie3, Dec 10, 4:24am
A mandoline ?

It still requires a bit of effort from you so maybe not.Sounds like you should use a food processor.Otherwise davidt and I agree.

michelle147, Dec 10, 4:25am
any particular food processor?

uli, Dec 10, 5:45am
Definitely a good knife and a wooden board - ask any chef - no-one will use push-button stuff LOL :)

buzzy110, Dec 10, 5:52am
Agree with davidt4. Trouble is most people do not spend the, up to $275 on a decent knife. Lol. I have 4 of them because I cannot go past a knife.

At shows they sell mandolins called a V-Cutter. I have one of those as well and it is absolutely ideal for making piles of finely sliced cabbage. I use it to make my sauerkraut - 3 large cabbages in one go, so I can attest to its efficacy.

What is more that gadget will slice and dice up everything else that goes into the coleslaw as well, apart from the carrot, which needs grating, but a neat grater comes with it when you buy one, as well. The V-Cutter is so easy to clean as well. Just rinse clean under warm water and put onto the handy rack it comes with and all done. No need to even dry it.

The speed is breath taking. Once all the ingredients are assembled and washed you can set to and have coleslaw and the gadget washed in about 8 minutes flat, or less.

uli, Dec 10, 6:11am
Good call buzzy110 - maybe a mandoline is just what michelle147needs.

kvb, Dec 10, 6:20am
I have one of these - great -

cookessentials, Dec 10, 8:23am
If you are wanting an appliance ( which is electrical) then a good food processer that comes equipped with shredding blades etc.
If you are happy with a tool ( which is quite different to an appliance) then a mandoline will do the job. Get one with various blades and adjustable thickness for the best job. Mastrad, Zyliss and Moha all do good ones.

fisher, Dec 10, 10:05pm
Wide blade Japanese chopper for everything.... chefs knife relegated to the bottom of the draw

michelle147, Oct 16, 3:59pm
thanks everyone!! Great help!