Chicken, ham & leek pie - what potatoes and veges?

fishb8, May 6, 3:57am
What's the best spud choice - mashed or roast?
Veges, too, please?

greerg, May 6, 4:14am
I'd probably choose mashed with a pie or maybe scalloped. It's quite a pale pie so some bright vegetables will liven the plates. What about a stirfry of broccoli, carrots, red capsicum, mushroom and anything else you have to hand.

fishb8, May 6, 10:12am
Thanks for that - some good ideas

tixy, May 7, 4:36am
Baked potato would be nice - and it cooks itself in the oven the same time as the pie!

fisher, Apr 9, 11:45am
Made one tonight... scrumpy, if I say so myself. . 2 chicken breasts cubed, 250g ham sliced up and a couple of leeks in butter with cream, chicken stock, flour, salt and white pepper. . Into butter greased spring form baking dish which was layered with puff pastry... Lid on top... Fresh young steamed silverbeet from the garden with a tsp of malt vinegar and mash of green butternut pumpkin with orange kumura, few slivers of onion and a sprinkle of nutmeg all down to a fine creamy 'dry" mash... .

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