Novice cooking qst re veges in microwave

dimac73, Jun 12, 6:17am
Hi, I'm just starting to make an attempt at eating more veges and have frozen corn, beans, peas and fresh carrot in four separate glass containers with water and covered. My qst is how long do I microwave them for - can I cook them all together for 6mins or do I need to do it for longer? Thank you.

ruby19, Jun 12, 6:24am
I just cook peas & corn for about 3 min, I don`t even add any extra water. I would cook for less time and adjust as need be, start with say 3 min and keep adding 1 min until cooked to your liking.

dimac73, Jun 12, 6:43am
Thank you - will see how I go.

kate777, Jun 12, 11:01am
Use boiling water from the jug, that way it's way less microwaving time.

Frozen veg, sweet FA time in the microwave, maybe a couple of mins max, and the fresh carrot, a minute or so longer.

I like my veges with a bit of crunch still in them so you may wish to add a bit of extra time

lands, Jun 13, 8:10am
A lot of microwaves have pre-set programmes on them, which could include vegetables. When i cook frozen vege i just press the button and then start. The microwave does it all for me

biker_69, Aug 5, 11:55am
You don't need water for frozen vege and just a tiny amount for fresh.