Argh dumbo cloffie let 1kilo frozen veges thaw

cloffie, May 15, 4:39am
Had a migraine yesterday and one of the many dumbthings I did while under the influence of imigran was put the frozen veges in the fridge... What are mr and mrs cloffie to do with almost a kilo of froz mixed veges to gobble them in a hurry? ? ? ?

nfh1, May 15, 5:05am
Soup? Vegetable of course.

cloffie, May 15, 5:18am
doh! nfh ! do I have to? ? lol!

uli, May 15, 5:42am
stir fry half of them and use the other half in a soup or fried rice or noodle dish tomorrow.

lx4000, May 15, 6:36am
add to b and e pie, quiche toos:) Which can then be frozen:), May 15, 6:52am
Re-freeze them

If you saw how many times items from the supermarket get defrosted sitting out the back waiting for the store boy to get his A into G and biff them back in the freezer... ... don't even get me started on one supermarket in particular that leaves the milk and cream sitting in the blazing summer sun out in the yard for hours on end lol

pour them on a tray and refreeze them - rebag once frozen.

margyr, May 15, 7:12am
dont even need to take out of the bag, just take it out every 20 mins or so and give it a bash around to free flow them although i myself if completely thawed would not re-freeze them, i would do as someone else suggested and make a heap of dishes with them, stews, quiche etc and then freeze that.

cloffie, May 15, 9:49am
yeah 2 quiches made and chicky mixd veges and roasties for tea have wiped them out! you are an inspiration so youall are! lol!

nfh1, May 15, 9:40pm
LOL - no soup then!

beaker59, May 16, 12:43am
All that would be wasted on me I can't stand frozen veg particularly the green cardboard that look a bit like beans and the orange polystyrene that may have once been carrot. Why do we pay more for something that tastes nothing like as good as the origonal. I will bow however to the humble frozen pea the only veg that tastes ok once frozen.

nfh1, May 16, 1:42am
Because it is easy and sometimes the quality of the fresh leaves much to be desired. I am lucky and live in an area with many growers so always have quality fresh veges available, not quite as easy if you leave in the middle of a large city.

karenz, May 16, 1:57am
It might be the way I cook them, but the only frozen vegetables that I find even remotely edible are frozen peas and corn.

madzwhippet, May 16, 2:58am
After trouble with freezer gave to friend with chooks ... ... they loved them... she refroze some and fed to them later . . at least not totally wasted. . chooks delighted.

cloffie, May 16, 3:35am
Nah lol! nfh! if you had been served the revolting vege soup my mother used to make you would be a bit adverse to it too!

uli, May 16, 3:47am
No need to step into your mothers footsteps though cloffie - why not make superb vege soup instead?

nfh1, May 16, 3:49am
LOL - yes I know what you mean. My Mum cooks all her veges in the pressure cooker for about twice as long as they need. At least they all taste the same!

beaker59, May 6, 7:09pm
Well I live in the middle of NZ's biggest city and we are absolutely spoilt for excellent fresh veg of a much bigger variety than we have ever had and cheap too (well relatively) so I don't get it how hard is it to cut up and steam a few beans or carrots. The frozen ones are disgusting. I do grow a heap of my own veg but still buy a fair bit. The worst quality fresh I see in the shops would be a hundred times more edible than mixed frozen veg.