Diluting fruit juice with water-diabetic

korbo, Apr 26, 9:11am
I sometimes crave for really cold pure orange juice or charlies, something like that, but being a 2 diabetic these drinks (correct me if i am wrong) are not good for you. If you water them down, say half, is the sugar content the same... . I usually water them down, as find some a little sweet... just curious

tiogapass, Apr 26, 9:20am
Why don't you try a sugar free concentrate such as Barker and Halls Orange Barley or Lemon Barley - delicious.

korbo, Apr 26, 9:34am
Yes, i have tried those, they are ok, but find they leave a funny taste in my mouth, and i need lots of water. it is just now and then I realy crave for orange juice.

aphra1, Apr 26, 9:35am
Logic would suggest that if you water them down by 50% then you have reduced the concentration of fructose by 50%.

hezwez, Apr 26, 9:40am
Try tiogapass's suggestions with chilled soda water. You only need a tiny bit and it's very refreshing.

cgvl, Apr 26, 10:50am
I allow myself (type 2) a small glass full of pure orsnge juice per day approx 100mls and count it as a piece of fruit.
As for those sugar free drinks they are full of artificial crap and I no longer drink them because of the chronic foul after taste.

korbo, Apr 27, 9:15am
same with me, i would rather go without and drink water than drink diet type drinks.

elliehen, Apr 27, 11:10am
Apple juice is one juice that seems to retain its full flavour when watered down and chilled. You can sometimes buy pure apple juice at Famers' Markets.

red2, Mar 10, 3:50pm
maybe just eat 1 x orange ? That may satisfy the craving