Urgent - chilli juice in our sons eye - what will

17007, Feb 24, 5:51am
ease it - also on my hands

245sam, Feb 24, 6:02am
Whilst enjoying an outdoor lunch the wind caught the chilli powder and blew it into one of my DH's eyes. An on-site qualified first-aider advised seeing a Dr so one of our friends took DH to the nearest on duty Dr who flushed DH's eye out with water and applied some antibiotic cream around the eye.
In our opinion we advise that you seek medical attention for your son's eye as there is a very significant chance that your son's eye will have been burnt - whilst there you may as well ask for some recommendations for your hands too.

Hope that helps and all the best. :-))

winnie231, Feb 24, 6:13am
Definately seek professional advice.
There are lots of 'home remedies' out there but I wouldn't risk it when it concerns a childs eye.

maxwell.inc, Feb 24, 7:45am
And when hes all fixed up and happy

Please buy a pack or two of snap top 50cc salines for your first aid kit, if anything happens like this again - or just in general any injury involving blood or eyes - then they are invaluable, first line of first aid defense.

macac, Feb 24, 8:55am
When I was little andwould have red eyes from too much chemicals in pool my mum would use milk worked well?

gypsy11, Feb 24, 10:10am
Oh damn can sympathise with this situation, whilst working in a kitchen in OZ I managed to get a chilli seed stuck under my eyelid whilst slicing chilli, OW, OW, OW! Lots of water eventually eased the pain! But it was very red! Had to endure people telling me all afternoon that there was something wrong with my eye!

245sam, Feb 24, 7:43pm
How are things now for you and your son (especially re his eye), 17007?

17007, Feb 24, 7:52pm
We kept flushing his eye and it ok but man my hands are still burning can't seem to get it off - Definitely won't be putting these chillis in food! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Just had a shower and it seems to have aggravated it more

blondini13, Feb 24, 8:03pm
I was copping chillies once and absent mindedly scratched my nose. man did it burn, right up the inside of my nose, up into my eyes and it felt like it paralysed half my face for a good long while. Only pressure with a cold flannel helped to ease it a bit but it took about half an hour.

245sam, Feb 24, 8:53pm
17007, that's great news re your son's eye and now re your hands - When eating food with chills in it, if one finds that the food is too chilli-hot it is not wise to drink a water-based liquid (at worst, I heard that a really over-hot chilli can make the water-based liquid 'boil' in one's mouth/throat) so instead one should drink a milk or yoghurt based drink to cool any irritated mouth or throat tissues - I don't know that this will work but I wonder if you put your hands into some milk or yoghurt if that might help cool the obviously irritated 'burnt' (painful? ) skin/tissue.

Hope that suggestion helps.

Re using chillis in future - if you and your family really like chillis in your food I suggest that rather than not use them, that you use gloves for handling the chillis and remember 'no touching yourself with those gloved hands'. :-))

nala2, Feb 24, 9:18pm
It is a joke but also serious, it is the time you wash your hands "before" you use the toilet.

accroul, Sep 6, 1:59am
capsaicin makes peppers hot. It breaks down in fat. Smear a little oil over your hands & that should help.

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