Yikes too much chilli powder

jimminette, Nov 5, 4:53am
What can I add to tone it down slightly???

uli, Nov 5, 4:54am
Add cream or coconut cream or say that it is meant to be hot :)

elliehen, Nov 5, 9:55am
Wasn't there a thread here recently which suggested putting a half lemon or lime in the mix??

uli, Nov 5, 7:59pm
Yes there was - but it doesn't really work - it just masks it a bit.

The other one which is always promoted is the half raw potato - which seems to come up every time someone has put in too much salt, too much chilli, too much of anything really ... and supposedly the potato just sucks it up happily - well mine don't. Maybe I need to grow some more obliging ones next season ...

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