Green and red chilli jam anyone???

iriegirl, Nov 12, 2:12am
Have lashings of green chillies and not so many red ones, has anyone made chilli jam with both? Thought it might look quite festive?

winnie231, Nov 12, 2:38am
I haven't made it but I reckon it would work fine.
Nothing ventured ... nothing gained ...

iriegirl, Nov 12, 2:53am
Thanks winnie231 I'll post how it turns out!

winnie231, Nov 12, 3:08am
Please do ... I'm already imagining a multi coloured jam using hungarian yellow peppers as well as green & red chillis!

rainrain1, Nov 12, 5:46am
It just turns out a muddy colour

winnie231, Jul 30, 7:18am
I made this last summer & am going to adapt it to use chillis instead ... or a mix of sweet peppers & chillis.
It stays a beautiful vibrant colour ...

Pretty Pepper Relish

1kg mixed peppers
2lrg onions
2 apples - peeled, cored & grated
2 cloves garlic - finely chopped
3C vinegar (I used cider & white)
2C white sugar
1tsp salt
2tsp brown mustard seeds
1Tblspn black peppercorns (tied in a muslin bag)
4Tblspn thai sweet chilli sauce

Chop peppers & onions into matchstick size pieces and place in preserving pan. Add the rest. Bing to the boil then simmer till thick & pulpy (90min approx). Discard peppercorns. Pack into hot jars & leave atleast a month before using.