Recipes suitable for a diabetic

jaz8, Oct 12, 12:41am
Hi all. Does anyone have any yummy (I have a terrible sweet tooth) recipes suitable for a diabetic? Any ideas for snacks, dinners etc. I have recently been diagnosed and although I can find heaps on the internet I'd appreciate some input from people who have made and eaten the food themselves. Any ideas are extremely welcome!

dingbat, Oct 12, 1:16am
I buy Foodtown mag and that is loaded with diabetes friendly recipes. It latest has even desserts in it. It's cheaper with you onecard.

calista, Oct 12, 1:18am
Have you seen "Easy Everyday Recipes for the Whole Family" by Simon and Alison Holst? It includes some desset recipes and a lovely Christmas cake recipe which I made last year. You cut it into small piece so that you don't eat too much at once, as even 'special recipes fall into the "treats" category, rather than being everyday food.

I got the book out of the local library.

The diabetes society also put out a recipe book which I cant' remember the name of.

There is a longer thread about this somewhere - unless it's fallen off the edge.

jaz8, Oct 12, 1:18am
Awesome, thanks I didn't know that. I'll pick it up with our groceries tonight.

dingbat, Oct 12, 1:24am
Raspberry and Yoghurt Whip

2 t sugar-free raspberry jelly crystals (1/2 a packet)
1/2 c boiling water
1 c thick natural unsweetened yoghurt
1/2 raspberries - fresh or frozen
extra youghurt - for topping

in a small bown, mix together the jelly crystals and boiling water, stirring until the crystals have dissolved.
Refrigerate for about 10 minutes, until the jell is just starting to set.
place the yoghurt in a bowl.
add the jell mixture and beat with an electric beater for 2 - 3 minutes, until foamy, (it will still be liquid, but full of bubbles).
divide the raspberries between four parfait dishes.
pour over the jell mixture and refrigerate until set - about an hour.
serve with dollop of extra yoghurt on top.

cookessentials, Apr 27, 3:09am
The New Zealand Diabetes Cookbook Deliciously Healthy Recipes for the whole family, by Alison and Simon Holst, is available from DSL Supplies LTD

Contact: 0800 342 238. Cost is $25 which includes postage within New Zealand.

hezwez, Apr 27, 5:04am
Also belonging to your local diabetes Society (around $25 per annum) entitles you to the quarterly New Zealand Diabetes magazine, always with recipes included in both that (and the smaller local newsletter)

griffo4, Apr 27, 9:25pm
Healthy Food Guide which is at the supermarket has diabetic friendly recipes as well and alot of interesting reading as well.

yduj, Apr 28, 12:24am
search on TradeMe with the words - diabetes cookbook- and you'll come up with plenty

red2, Mar 10, 9:45pm
can see the Healthy Food Guide recipes at