Recipe needed for birthday cake for diabetic.

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gardie, Aug 7, 6:57am
I'd like to make a cake to celebrate a 75th birthday but my friend has diabetes and so I need a recipe that will cater for this.


ferita, Aug 7, 7:07am
Some interesting ones here

gardie, Aug 7, 8:28am
Awesome - thanks ferita.

darlingmole, Aug 7, 8:39am
if you got a health food shop you can buy a natural sugar product called "stevia". It's like the tinest pinch of this equals an entire teaspoon of sugar. Worth looking in to ...

cgvl, Aug 7, 9:56pm
there's a diabetic baking thread on here also, Use the search engine to find it.
has several cakes both fuit and other on it.
Cheers and I hope they enjoy.

uli, Aug 7, 11:21pm
While not wanting to upset anyone - do you really think a cake with sugar, flour (=sugar) and maybe dried fruit (=more sugar) is what is needed to celebrate that one has made it to 75 despite being a diabetic?

How about some salmon, fancy salads etc to feast on - which a diabetic would have no problems with. Just a thought. If you think it is essential for the person to have a "cake" - and it is only 1 time in a year - then go for it ...

southerngurl, Aug 8, 12:57am
why should diabetics go without a birthday cake Uli?

buzzy110, Aug 8, 1:05am
Oooh. I'm not diabetic but I'd take a whole baked salmon or even a whole salmon fillet over cake any day.

And southerngurl uli didn't say they had to go without cake and I quote: "If you think it is essential for the person to have a "cake" - and it is only 1 time in a year - then go for it ... ".

But surely uli answered your question. The birthday boy is diabetic and as flour and sugar are the main ingredients of cake and as they are both sugars, and as diabetics have a life and death problem with blood sugars then surely it is best not to put them in a position where they feel obliged to eat something that they know is going to spike their blood sugar levels and force them to spend their birthday worrying about whether they have taken enough medication or insulin to stay alive.

uli was just being considerate.

buzzy110, Aug 8, 1:23am
Serving a diabetic cake is a bit like presenting a coeliac with a loaf of bread as a once a year treat. If the recipient is happy to have it then no problem, but if they are going to suffer if they eat it then there is a problem.

Would you serve up peanuts to some one who went into anaphylatic shock from eating them and required medication just to stay alive just because you wanted to be kind on their birthday?

Or maybe you think it a good idea to donate foods with food colourings and preservative as a birthday treat for a young child who goes a bit nutty when he/she eats those foods.

Kindness should never be an excuse for inconsiderate behaviour. Best to check with the recipient first. He may be able to tolerate a small piece of cake or, conversely, he may just be eating the recommended Diabetes Foundation diet and therefore see no hindrance to consuming foods that are clearly not good for his overall well being.

southerngurl, Aug 8, 1:24am
i wasn't attacking her buzzy... i was just asking why Uli thought that diabetics shouldn't be allowed cake? There are other alternatives to sugar and flour that can be used... the restaurant we went to for my birthday made a diabetic friendly cake and it didnt affect my levels...

And at75, I'm sure they'd love the fact that someone went to the effort of taking the time to make something that was diabetic friendly so they could still have that experience.

coolthree, Aug 8, 1:32am
Uli, have you baked or cooked, with stevia? ? ? ? ?

buzzy110, Aug 8, 1:32am
OK. Point taken but I just reread her post and she didn't suggest that diabetics shouldn't be allowed cake just pointed out that cakes have flour and sugar and those are not good for diabetics. She then made an alternative suggestion.

Out of curiosity, what sort of cake did the diabetic friendly restaurant make? I've searched high and low for a diabetic friendly cake, just in case I need one, and they all either have artificial sweetener in them which eventually raises blood sugars in spite of people believing they don't or some sort of carb that turns into glucose in the bloodstream.

If I could even have a suggestion as to what I could produce that would totally assure me that I wasn't providing any harm at all, even the tiniest bit, I'd be incredibly grateful.

No need for a recipe as I can work things out for myself.

uli, Aug 8, 1:35am
Seems hard to explain to people not really interested in the science behind ... but if your metabolism has a problem with sugar (as diabetics do) - then anything made from starch (which will turn into sugar once ingested) or sugar is going to upset their metabolism greatly. They either have to use more insulin - if they are on insulin - or their body will just have to cope with a humungous sugar spike.

As I said above - if this is an important "milestone" to have a birthday cake - then go for it and try and make it as low carb as possible.

If a cake is not that important then make a low carb feast - which the birthday person will have much more fun out of ...

But yeah - learning about body metabolism is a must if you want to understand that - and all the other implications like losing the sight, losing your feet and more ... .

southerngurl, Aug 8, 1:38am
they didn't tell us word for word, but it was pistachio, 85% cocoa choc, and I think the chef said it was a maize flour? i wasn'tnormal flour anyway...

the manager of the restaurant's sister is type 1, so they went through cook books and found the recipe. .

I had my normal dose of insulin and my bsl never got higher than 6 all night. .

uli, Aug 8, 1:38am
Yes I have - as I used to sell those plants 20 years ago LOL :)

uli, Aug 8, 1:40am
Sounds good to me - so we could figure out a recipe maybe?

coolthree, Aug 8, 1:41am
uli, i'm a diabetic and miss being able to bake heavy sugar reliant recipes. ? ? ?

buzzy110, Aug 8, 1:45am
That sounds fantastic southerngurl. A pity I couldn't work out a confection from your description. Maize has a carb content of just over 72grms per 100grms so it must only have had only a small amount of that. Still I can keep on looking and something will pop up eventually.

southerngurl, Aug 8, 1:46am
closet recipe i can find googling is choc brownies using sweetner and cocoa for icing, but this chef just melted 85% block of choc

buzzy110, Aug 8, 1:47am
Hi coolthree, I'm low carb and don't miss sugar heavy baking at all. In fact I quite like figuring out how to adapt certain processes to the baking problem and coming up with carb low alternatives.

southerngurl, Aug 8, 1:55am
I can totally understand that, somedays you feel like falling off the band wagon for a nice piece of sponge aye :)

I know this is prolly no use to you, but theres a lady whose been in the local mall lately with a fudge and lolly stand, and she was passing out samples of her fudge and as the plate passed me i sighed and said to my parents, I wish there was an alternative to all this stuff for diabetics. well the lady heard me and actually said, one of her kids was type one, and shes been trying to make some recipes for things like fudge, chocolates, even marshmallow that don't affect sugar levels in diabetics. . I thought it was a brilliant idea...

uli, Aug 8, 1:57am
And has she?
And where can we buy it?

southerngurl, Aug 8, 1:58am
Was only talking to her last week so she's probably still working on it... i dont think she has a website

fitness_shack, Aug 8, 2:07am
the raw foodists have a recipe that uses walnuts or figs - no flour and guava plant instead of sugar (as sugar is processed). Hazelnuts and raw cacoa powder for chocolate - very tasty as well.

1 1/2 cups raw walnuts
Dash salt
8 pitted medjool dates
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa or carob powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons water

for the raspberry sauce:

1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries (thaw and drain, if frozen)
1/4 cup pitted medjool dates, soaked 30 minutes and drained

Place the walnuts and salt in a food processor fitted with the S blade and process until finely ground. Add the dates, cocoa powder, and vanilla and process until the mixture begins to stick together. Add the water and process briefly.

Transfer to a serving plate and form into a 5-inch round cake. To make the Raspberry Sauce, place the raspberries and dates in a blender and process until smooth. Frost the top of the cake with Raspberry Sauce just before serving.

any sweet sticky dates can be used in place of the ones above as the dates are there for sweetness and cake consistency. Can diabetics have dates?

southerngurl, Aug 8, 2:09am
depends on the diabetic. . it'll affect some people but won't affect others... for me raisins are fine but grapes are not...