Diabetic Fruit Cake (Bin Inn)

jessie981, Nov 26, 9:54pm
1kg fruit mix
1/2c choppped walnuts
1/2c chopped almonds
2c hot tea
2c s/r flour
1tsp vanilla essence
1tsp almond essence
1tsp rum or brandy essence
1tsp caramel essence
In a bowl put fruit mix, walnuts & almonds. Pour over hot tea. Soak 12 - 24 hrs. Add s/r flour & essences. Mix well. Pour into greased lined tin. Bake @ 160 approx 1 hr or until cooked.

uli, Nov 30, 2:12am
Not sure why Bin Inn is now a Diabetic advisor?

The 1kg of fruit mix alone has approx 650g of carbs (=sugar) in it.
The 1/2c choppped walnuts has approx 12g of carbs.
The 1/2c chopped almonds has approx 11g of carbs.
The 2c s/r flour has approx. 22g of carbs.
So all up your cake has approx 700g of carbs.

Even if you cut that into 20 tiny pieces - then each tiny piece will have still 35g of carbs - not counting any icing of course ... and nobody will eat just 1 tiny piece ... and it only adds to whatever else they have eaten before ... and yeah I realize "this is only once a year" ... blah blah ...

elliehen, Nov 30, 10:27am
Bah humbug!

[Quoting Scrooge, from Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol"]

vintagekitty, Sep 18, 6:45pm
gawd, talk about a misery guts