tuna in brine vs tuna in water

kurtis, Feb 14, 11:38am
what is the difference, i was told brine is less fattening is this true

talent.scout, Feb 14, 11:59am
less fattening than in water? ? ?

I believe brine is the liquid the tuna was boiled in... .

I could be wrong - its happened before... . lol

talent.scout, Feb 14, 1:15pm
how can anything be less fattening than water?

ferita, Feb 14, 3:56pm
tuna in brine is tuna in salty water. Tuna in springwater is without the salt

uli, Feb 15, 12:59am
"Tuna in brine" is tuna cut up on the factory ship that caught it - and then boiled in sea water in the tins.

"Tuna in water" is the same as above but they use fresh water from their tanks for that (=no added salt) LOL :)

Exactly the same in calories of course as water and salt have no caloric value.

illusion_, Feb 15, 9:37am
and Tuna in oil is far nicer than either of them

nfh1, Feb 15, 10:44am
give me the spring water any day!

uli, Feb 15, 8:12pm
Quite an illusion there LOL ...
Cause the oil used is either Canola or Soy - and both are pretty bad for your health.

beaker59, Aug 11, 11:07pm
I'm more of a fan of sardines in spring water.