Salmon or Tuna

jessie981, May 30, 6:04am
what's your choice?


maynard9, May 30, 6:05am
Definetely Salmon

245sam, May 30, 6:11am
salmon for me too, but I also enjoy tuna for a change - particularly if it's the canned salmon and tuna that you're referring to although most probably I would also choose fresh salmon in preference to fresh tuna. :-))

kabbo, May 30, 6:40am
salmon for me.

dbab, May 30, 6:46am
Blerk! ! not tuna. I love salmon though.

jessie981, May 30, 6:49am
Work collegues have tuna & the smell is so yuck. Don't get close to catch a wiff of their breathe! I always call it 'poor mans salmon'.

natalie9, May 30, 8:56am
Unfortunately have to say tuna. I love smoked salmon but otherwise eat normal salmon more for health benefits than absolutely loving it.

perle, May 30, 9:06am
tuna! ! esp the sealord thai yellow curry one that comes in a box its soooo good! ! easy meal with steamed rice. . yummo! !

indy95, May 30, 11:20pm
Definitely salmon, smoked, fresh or canned. I loathe the taste of canned tuna, but don't mind fresh as long as it hasn't been overcooked.

cookessentials, May 30, 11:24pm
I like both, but a good wood smoked salmon is delicious. Tuna is lovely mixed with mayo and capers in a sandwich.

maandpa2b, May 31, 7:37am
Both. Tinned, fresh, smoked, fried in butter... ... not much help am I ... . . yumm

gurlkiwi, May 31, 7:39am

deus701, May 31, 8:00am
I like freshly sliced white tuna... aka Albacore. . would never get sick of it. . for now. Salmon gets boring after a while.

katje, May 31, 11:20am
tuna tuna tuna tuna

dorothy_vdh, May 31, 7:52pm
tuna. Don't like salmon at all. Sometimes I wish I did as there are some yummy sounding recipes using salmon

nfh1, May 31, 10:00pm
Both fresh, but do not like salmon from a tin.

shellbell13, Jun 1, 10:41am
Tuna these days. I am not really a seafood person. Used to like salmon but always hated the bones and skin. Now I choose tuna any day. Have only ever had both out of a tin. Never fresh. So from a tin tuna is my choice.

aktow, Jun 1, 11:28am
pink salmon is lovely. . especiallyin pasta with, sliced mushrooms, spring onions, tomato, chopped parsley, bound with american bestmayonnaise, , , season with lots of salt and pepper. .

roys351, Jun 1, 11:35am
where do you live to get fresh sliced white tuna

roys351, Jun 27, 10:17pm
mackeral is far tastier than tuna and like salmon you need to debone it, carnt stand havin a salmon sammie and bite into crunch when it should be smooth