Help!how do i do the egg in water to see if off?

dvs4rd, Jan 30, 4:57am
Is it off/rotten if it floats or sinks?

uli, Jan 30, 4:59am
If it floats it means the air chamber is fairly big and it also may be rotten. That must not be the case though.
If it sinks the air chamber is very small which means it is fresher and should be ok.

The easy way to check is to crack each egg into a glass first, then into the mixing bowl.

winnie231, Jan 30, 5:41am
This is from our mate - the lovely fisher ...

eggs eggs eggs... .
If not sure you ought-ter, then place it in water. If it lies on its side, then it's fresh; eat with pride. ... . . After three or four days, at an angle it lays. But, it still is a treat, so go on and eat. ... . . Ten days, stands on end, in your baking 'twill blend. 'Cause it's definitely edible, in your baking, incredible. ... . . But, if it floats on the surface, that egg serves no purpose. 'Cause a floater's a stinker! Out the back door best fling 'er!

darlingmole, Jul 18, 2:18pm
love love LOVE it~! thanks for sharing that x

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