Heating canned food in boiling water in the can...

millna, Oct 21, 9:46pm
like spagetti or baked beans.... do I need to open cans first... just wanting to save on cleaning up :)

papariccardo, Oct 21, 9:56pm
For safeties sake, pierce the can with a small hole first, then plunge into the boiling water.

momma1, Oct 21, 9:56pm
my nana used to cook my baked beans in the can in a pot and she would put a tea towel over the can when she opened because they can squirt out, ps it keeps your spaghetti all in one long piece

papariccardo, Oct 21, 10:10pm
I can't work out why people eat canned pasta. It must be a kiwi thing, awful stuff - you ain't gonna find it in Italy, for sure! It's not as tho it's hard to boil pasta & cover it in a fave pasta sauce.

dragonzflame, Oct 21, 10:51pm
I knew someone who flatted with a guy who put a whole can of baked beans in the microwave. Bad things happened.