Sushi Rice?

arkle16, Sep 23, 10:01am
What type of rice is best for sushi?

dragongirl2, Sep 23, 12:20pm
short grain is the best.biggest thing to do for success though is rinsing the sushi rice really, really well. you want the water to run clear to know the rice is ready to cook.

belindat92, Dec 10, 6:06am
Anyone know how to make it?

Dont want to use the powder. to expensive.


nauru, Dec 10, 6:13am
Do you mean the vinegar mix?

nauru, Dec 10, 6:18am
This recipe was given to me by a Japanese friend

3 cups rice, cooked and cool

Vinegar mix
1/3 cup white vinegar
11/2 teasp sugar
11/2 teasp salt

Mix all ingredients togetherand stir until slat & sugar have dissolved.Add to cooked rice and make as usual.
Hope this helps.

belindat92, Dec 10, 6:25am
yep the vinegar mix. Sorry for confusion. lol

Thanks heaps

indigojo, Dec 10, 6:05pm
I use 1/4C white or rice vinegar, 1/4C sugar, 1tsp salt (as given at a sushi making class)...for a quantity of 2 C of uncooked rice...

belindat92, Dec 10, 10:38pm
ok thanks, now im confused since there is a big difference in both recipes... :\

which one to use....

belindat92, Dec 10, 10:39pm
difference of sugar that is

gingeralenz, Dec 10, 10:52pm
probably the sweeter version is to "kiwi" tastes like most foreign food we get here. Thai, korean, chinese, they add more sugar to acomodate for our sweet teeth.

gingeralenz, Dec 10, 10:55pm
By the way i'd only use white vinegar if you were desperate, its a pretty pungent vinegar.

pamellie, Dec 10, 11:39pm
This is what I use but to 3 cups of uncooked rice. If you are using white vinegar you can heat it up in the microwave til the sugar has dissolved as this seems to take some of the strong flavour away.

wingee, Dec 11, 1:12am
This is the receipe I got with my sushi maker:
To make 1 cup seasoning, place in a pot:
1 cup rice vinegar (you can find this in the asian section anywhere)
1 cup white sugar
2 teaspoons salt.Heat all ingrediants to dissolve but do not boil, cool, bottle and place in fridge, can be made ahead of time, seasoning will keep for several months in fridge.

note.for every cup of rice use 1/4 cup (6o mls) fo sushi rice seasoning...

nga_roimata, Oct 17, 4:43pm
yep for kiwi taste buds equal parts of sugar to rice wine vinegar is the usual with salt