Home made sushi tips please

all_things_nice, Jul 15, 8:53am
I would love to know what nori sheets and soy sauce do you use please and where do you purchase from?

The nori sheets we got are chewy ( don't know how to upload pic on here) and not so good and the mama san soy tastes bit rich and ruins the whole thing

Just trial and error atm, both partner and I love sushi so thought would give our own a try. The filling itself has been yummy

Bonus brownie points if you can upload a picture for me so I know what toy look for

Thanks heaps :)

245sam, Jul 15, 9:08am
all_things_nice, I haven't made sushi for quite a while but ever since hosting Japanese students years ago, the only soy sauce we use is Kikkoman soy sauce, unless we are wanting Kecap manis (Sweet Soy Sauce) but that is something that is not normally used for sushi. As for the nori, we prefer and I always use nori that is a Product of Japan.

Hope that helps. :-))

all_things_nice, Jul 15, 9:18am
Thanks so much for your reply :)

fifie, Jul 15, 9:48am
The students i hosted told me this cheats way, use good japanese nori sheets, sushi rice, and any light soy sauce not a dark one from asian shop. All i do is put a sheet of gladwrap down lay nori sheet on top add layer cooled rice with seasonings in, then fillings of choice and roll the nori sheet up tight followed by glad wrap to hold it together twists ends leave in fridge overnight next day cut into slices and remember to pull glad wrap off.
Sometimes i sprinkle a little soy sauce on before rolling then dont need to have a dipping sauce, thats good to take for lunches, works for me.

slimgym, Jul 15, 5:21pm
we had our first go at this, yes we found the nori sheets horrible,but then I read the instructions should go into fridge for 10/15 minutes before eating. By the time we had let the rice sit in water for 30 mins, then cooked the rice then cooled the rice we were starving haha. I did buy the tupperware maker on here but now looking at the one at stevens looks as though you can fit more fillings in, the tupperware one was a bit skinny

buzzy110, Jul 15, 10:54pm
My Japanese students said to slightly crisp up the sheets by holding for a few seconds above a hot element. Works for me. Timing is important though. I realise this is unconventional because my daughter's flatmate - Japanese chef, doesn't do that but she warned me that cooked sushi rice should never be kept in the fridge. It dries out and goes hard so it has to be made fresh every time. I can live with at advice.

I love the wasabi and so once the rice is spread out and flattened, I'd take the wasabi and very, very thinly, butter it onto the rice. I also, sprinkled a minute amount of the soy sauce over the rice as well, especially when I took a ½ roll each to golf. That way I wasn't faffing around with wasabi and soy sauce. I put the pickled ginger on as well, before rolling.

Nowadays I don't eat sushi but those were the things I did when I did eat it and took it for lunch instead of sandwiches which I also, no longer eat.

nauru, Jul 16, 3:12am
Yes, much better when once made they go in the fridge to allow the moisture to soften the nori. I use a sushi express sushi maker, it's a little bigger than some on the market and allows for extra fillings. I've had it for quite a few years and it is so easy to use, link below. We love the seaweed salad with our sushi along with pickled ginger.

all_things_nice, Jul 16, 9:32am
My boss uses bit of Japanese mayo, I was thinking yum but it kind of throws away the healthy guru part :P

nauru, Jul 17, 8:15am
I omit the mayo, just prefer sushi without.

buzzy110, Jul 20, 4:03am
Japanese mayo is brilliant. No additives or sugar just basic ingredients - oil, egg and lemon juice or vinegar (can't remember). The worrisome part of sushi is not the mirin, soy, pickled ginger, nori or even the rice. It is the sugar that is added to the rice. Homemade doesn't have to have sugar of course.

nauru, Jul 20, 4:29am
Yes, sugar is the bad boy. I don't use the bottled sushi seasoning for sushi rice, I mix my own from a recipe given to me by a Japanese friend, cutting right back on the sugar. Can't believe how much sugar is in things these days. Better to make everything from scratch.

eastie3, Feb 27, 12:18am
I buy the pickled ginger packs from NW. If I'm planning to buy sushi for lunch I mix a good big squirt of wasabi with enough soy sauce to make a loose sauce and take it along with me.( I'm on the road most of the time). The prepacks have stingy amounts of ginger etc and I like a LOT! My preferred sushi is smoked salmon and avo.