jymkrys, Oct 30, 3:52am
I love sushi and because it is quite expensive to buy, I am thinking of buying a sushi maker. I was wondering if there is one you could recommend or are they ultimately something that takes up space in the cupboard because they are too fiddly to use?

samanya, Oct 30, 5:12am
I used to make sushi with the mat etc until I bought one of these
. it was considerably more expensive than that one, but the same product. Grab it!
I took a couple of times to get it right, but it after a couple of trial runs, is quite brilliant to use & I use it often. Good luck!
Nice even slices etc. A friend of mine makes sushi regularly for her kids school lunches & for $30, what can you lose?

uli, Oct 30, 5:15am
Buy a sushi mat. it is really easy to make sushi with a mat. Plenty of videos online if you have never seen it made. Or go and ask at your sushi shop if they can show you.

jymkrys, Oct 30, 5:52am
Thank you for the tip, samanya.

samanya, Oct 30, 6:02am
Pleased to have helped . not all of us shun more modern gadgets ;o)

fifie, Oct 30, 6:34am
My version lay down a piece of gladwrap then a nori sheet spread on a layer of cooled cooked sushi rice, next a row of fillings of choice roll up nori sheet carefully and then roll it in the glad wrap tightly twisting ends to keep it firm. Place in fridge overnight next day cut into even slices with a sharp knife and DONT forget to peel off glad wrap when you cut each slice. Sometimes to take in a lunch box i sprinkle a little soy sauce over the rice so i dont need to take dipping sauce as well

245sam, Oct 30, 7:42am
jymkrys, if you want to see info' about the Sushi Maker as suggested by samanya have a look at:-

On that link you'll also find some other uses for the sushi maker e.g. lolly cake roll. :-))

daarhn, Oct 30, 8:16am
Love teaching the younger kids to make sushi with a mat. Sticky rice everywhere and lots of laughter. Those days when you taught the kids to make their own pizzas with their own toppings switched over to sushi/ nori rolls.

badams1, Oct 31, 5:24am
What fillings do others put in. Cheers in advance/

samanya, Oct 31, 10:00am
I like salmon, carrot, cucumber, avocado, red capsicum, chives all or any combination.

daarhn, Oct 31, 7:38pm
Farmers had these yesterday for 29.99 instead of 39.99. Was tempted after watching the link.

molly37, Oct 31, 9:02pm
I used the sushezi all the time when the boys were at school. Especially on a Sunday night i'd make them as it is a tad messy and takes time. Then i'd would just cut the roll in half or leave whole and they would eat like that. Then their mates wanted some so I had to make extra. Reminds me I havent made any all year!

uli, Nov 1, 3:22am
Nah - stay true to your mat! :)
Easier to clean
Nicer to look at
less to wash up
and really - faster I reckon

daarhn, Nov 1, 9:31am
for those of us that want a faster, cleaner tighter roll that looks professional I suggest a sushi maker roll. Leave the mats for the puritans and make it easy on yourselves. I'm a convert once I saw how fast and simple the sushimaker was to use and clean up such a breeze!

samanya, Nov 1, 9:46am
. does it really matter if more people are wanting to learn to make sushi?
The puritans are usually trying to show how wonderful they are by using traditional (old fashioned) methods, but who cares. the end product is exactly the same!

jymkrys, Nov 1, 10:26pm
Such good tips here. Many thanks. I bought a sushi mat from the supermarket last night at the cost of $1.98. I'll try making sushi the traditional way after watching some you tube videos. If it works well (no doubt I'll need a little practice) I'll stick with it, if it's difficult/messy, then I'll get a sushezi or D-line which looks easier to fill although you won't get round pieces. I'll give the mat a go first though.

uli, Nov 1, 11:07pm
The end pieces might not be so nice until you get the hang of it - so when you cut them off - you can simply turn them round onto the plate - or do as I do - EAT them quickly before someone else catches onto that.

samanya, Jul 30, 2:59am
Cooks prerogative . don't we all do that?