Quick please help, Sushi- Jo Seagar

webbo2, Jun 10, 6:27pm
help, can't find my Jo Seagar cook book with her recipe for sushi, it's just how much white sugar and rice vinegar to add to the rice, I think tha's all it was, maybe salt too. If anyone could help I'd very much apprieciate it... . . the rice is just cooked! ! ! !

245sam, Jul 24, 6:09pm
webbo2, you're an 'early bird' so I may be too late for you for this batch of sushi (sorry if that is the case). Is the recipe you're referring to: 'Sushi Stacks' as in 'Jo Seagar's Nifty Tricks'? Hope so - here are the quantities from that recipe... . .

2¾ cups sushi rice
100ml rice wine vinegar
2 tsp salt
1 tbsp caster sugar
5 nori sheets