Jo Seagar's rhubarb slice recipe

griffo4, Nov 11, 7:39pm
l made this years ago and when l went to find the recipe l couldn't find it
lt had a base and then you put the rhubarb topping on top and it had spices in it as well sorry for being vague but it was a while since l made it
l can still remember the picture it was in a NZ Women's Weekly when she did a cooking section in there

fugazi71, Nov 11, 10:40pm
Have you tried looking on her website?

rubyjane11, Nov 11, 10:47pm
I have quite a few of her recipe books so will have a look for you...

rubyjane11, Nov 11, 10:55pm
no luck

indy95, Nov 11, 11:40pm
Griffo4, I think this what you are looking for.

Rhubarb Spicetrail Shortcake


125 g butter
1/2 c castor sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 c SR flour


1/4 c flour
2 c castor sugar ( sounds like a lot of sugar )
1 t mixed spice
2 eggs
4 sticks rhubarb, finely chopped

For the base, cream butter and sugar well, beat in egg and flour. Press into a baking paper lined pan approx 20 x 33 cm. Cover with topping and bake at 180C for 50-60 mins until firm and set.


Combine flour, sugar, spice and eggs, then stir in rhubarb.

Dust shortcake with icing sugar to serve. Any fruit can be used instead of rhubarb.

smileeah, Nov 11, 11:40pm
I'm pretty sure I've got it somewhere, will have a look as soon as I can. Think it's called Rhubarb Spice Trail Cake, or something like that.

smileeah, Nov 11, 11:45pm
Oh there you go...that's the one I've got. It can be made in a processor too.

bella95, Nov 12, 12:04am
I made this last week but mine was dry and not very nice. I think it needed WAY more rhubarb - 4 stalks is a very vague description.Flavours are nice otherwise. Hope yours turns out great.

rubyjane11, Nov 12, 12:08am
yes just found another recipe book of hers and that was in it...

marcs, Nov 12, 12:34pm
indy95 wrote:
Griffo4, I think this what you are looking for.

Rhubarb Spicetrail Shortcake

2 c castor sugar ( sounds like a lot of sugar )

I find Jo's recipes have a lot of sugar however rhubarb can be very sour. I will give it a go.

indy95, Nov 12, 7:37pm
I made this last night using extra rhubarb and a few strawberries in the topping and only 1 cup of sugar. That quantity of sugar was more than enough for my taste.

griffo4, Nov 12, 10:28pm
Thanks Indy95 that is it l remember it was really nice and l put alot of rhubarb in it
l had looked at Jo Seagars web site and did a search here before asking l even googled and couldn't find it there either
Thanks everyone

guest, Jul 30, 7:05pm
I think she was promoting / contracted to Chelsea Sugar when all those recipes with a huge amount of sugar were all the go