Sushi filling ideas, anyone got any good ones.

wilson16, Mar 7, 2:38am
I find the sushi paper doesn't keep well. About a week after opening so I need to use it up.


245sam, Mar 7, 2:47am
wilson16, "the sushi paper" = nori (seaweed sheets) will keep very well if it's kept absolutely dry and cool - I have some here that is in very good condition and the original packet was opened ? ? ? (many months ago). I keep it in a sealed (e. g. zip-lock plastic) bag in one of the coolest and driest rooms in the house, so kept that way there is no need to rush "to use it up".

For sushi filling recipes and ideas try doing a search here on this TrademeMB using 'sushi' as the Keyword and 'Anytime' as the date posted. :-))

wilson16, Mar 7, 3:03am
Thanks for that, I always forget to do a search.

I have been using a zip lock bag, but not putting it in a cool enough place. Just as well my lot like lots of sushi though.

andrea1978, Mar 7, 8:10am
It may sound weird but I love brie, mesclun, smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado and mayonnaise or yoghurt with mint. Hey if the Japanese can change western recipes/food to suit their tastes why can't we? :DAs far as I'm concerned most things will work in sushi. After all rice goes with anything!

I also like more traditional flavours like teriyaki eel, teriyaki salmon etc ;)

wilson16, Mar 7, 8:17am
I agree, anything is worth a try. I did bacon and avocado, it might not work for everyone but I liked it a lot.

sheepey, Mar 8, 9:38am
My kids love it with carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and sweet chilli tuna

spunkbubble, Oct 13, 11:01pm
I love cucumber with cream cheese. And teriyaki chicken mmmmm... hungry now lol.

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