Easy micowave sushi recipe

joro4us, Sep 4, 4:22am
I want to make sushi for a plate. I have forgotten the recipe how to cook the rice in the microwave and the sort of rice needed.
Also is it best made tonight or in the morning as for use tomorrow.

macandrosie, Sep 4, 8:29am
You can buy a special sushi rice although I use whatever I have on hand. I imagine it's quite sticky & will hold together well. I have a plastic rice cooker. For every cup I add 1/12 cups water, bit of salt, & microwave for 10 minutes.

aktow, Nov 13, 11:55pm
1 cup of rice to 1 cup of water, my microwave is small and low powered so i set the cooking time to 20 minutes. it always turns out perfect.

i use a 2 litre used icecream container with the lid on. sometimes the lid pops and a little water overflows but it still works.

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