Homemade oven baked chips

monique70, Sep 23, 3:38am
I made homemade oven chips last night just by chopping potatoes into chips toss them in a bit of oil and baked on 220. I found they kept on sticking and they had enough oil on them too. Is it the starch that make them stick? Should I have soaked them in water first then dryed off?

samsnan, Sep 23, 3:45am
I always put mine on baking paper. They just slide off and no sticking. Once mine are in the pan I squirt them with a little oil.

vintagekitty, Sep 23, 3:46am
Do you peel them?

cookessentials, Sep 23, 4:00am
I was going to say the baking paper too, that way, they shouldn't stick. Some people spray them with a cooking spary rather than oil.

juliewn, Sep 23, 9:55am
I use baking paper too.. add some sliced or chopped kumera too, or parsnip piecess - they both tend to caramelise as they bake, and moving the veges all around a few times will add some of the caramelisation onto the potatoes too.. yum!

juliewn, Sep 23, 9:56am
Hi VK.. I don't peel them.. a good scrub and cut as you want - I do peel the parsnip.. leave potato and kumara skins on..

korbo, Apr 11, 4:47pm
my mum always soaked them in hot water, then dried them.
sometimes it is the potatoes.....some stick more than others.