How do I make homemade chips in the oven?

tammiraven, Feb 23, 5:11am
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yellowmonkey1, Feb 23, 5:14am
I normally just peel and wash potatoes and cut them into chips (you can get proper cutter things - crinkly ones) drizzle a little oil in the oven dish and a little oil and salt (if you like) and pop them in the oven til cook normally about 150-180.

beaker59, Feb 23, 5:30am
same as yellow monkey but I wash and cut into wedges rub with oil then my oven is a fanbake oven so I run at 180 fanbake for 30 or 35 min turn at half time. they come out really nice and golden. throw in some peeled garlic cloves and some rosemary sprigs.

catlover28, Feb 23, 7:12am
Whats the best sort of spuds? Mine always turn out soft, too soft

bucjo, Feb 23, 7:30am
older spuds are better, newer spuds at the moment aren't the best in the oven.

i make herbed potatoes and wedges by just cutting them, putting them in a plastic jug and coating with oil and shaking with herbs of my choice, put them on baking paper and in the oven 180 for about 35-40 mins.

sometimes i parboil, depends on the experience with the potatoes. parboiling makes new potatoes easier to crisp up.

catlover28, Feb 23, 7:37am
Chilli and lime would be nice. I saw a chilli and lime flavour shaking powder advertised on tv tonight.

beaker59, Feb 23, 7:40am
If the chips are coming out soft then preheat the oven and blast them from the beginning. Edit to note fan forced ovens do a better job but std convection is fine too if you turn up high and don't overload.

bucjo, Sep 2, 9:42am
yeah they need lots of space to crisp up!