How do I do crispy roast potatoes?

ddd10, Feb 23, 3:49am
Have tried before but didn't work.

catlover28, Feb 23, 3:51am
Cut them the way you like, mirowave them till reasonably soft but not too much and roast as normal

catlover28, Feb 23, 3:52am
Oh, and spray on some oil before roasting

ddd10, Feb 23, 3:53am
thanks, how long will I roast them for then seeing as microwaving them has semi cooked them? for microwaving a whole baked potato it's 5 minutes so I guess microwave for 2 or 3 minutes & then how long for roasting in the oven?

wildebeest, Feb 23, 3:57am
ive heard goose fat is key!

dalbyj, Feb 23, 4:06am
Use a good roasting spud such as Agria.

boil the spuds for about 10 mins, drain water out, leave spuds in the pot and shake over the hot element until the spuds are dry.

While the spuds are boiling pour some olive oil into a roasting dish and pre heat in the oven.

Put dry boiled spuds into hot oil and roast for about half an hour, turning halfway through cooking.

catlover28, Feb 23, 4:10am
Your method is better then mine

alebix, Feb 23, 4:14am
pre boil, coat in oil and roast on a high heat. .

lythande1, Feb 23, 6:38am
Don't need to precook them at all.
Just roast in oil or whatever until they are golden and crispy on the outside. If you cut them smaller, they cook crisp quicker. Obviously.
use something non-stick.

nfh1, Feb 23, 7:16am
I pre boil, and throw in a hot oven. I do not use oil or fat, because I do not like it and they come over lovely and crispy. Sometimes I dust them with cajun seasoning or something spicy.

ddd10, Feb 23, 10:08am
that's what I've tried in the past & I'm afraid it just didn't work.

ddd10, Feb 23, 10:09am
Thanks for all the suggestions, I went with what catlover at #2 said & it worked! Thanks catlover!

bucjo, Feb 23, 10:26am
depends on the potato to whether or not i parboil on them, some varieties need to be boiled first or they just go brown in spots and don't crisp up. also, if i want them done quicker i parboil them.

but i don't put mine in oil, i coat them in oil in a bowl first. just toss them in that. much better.

spongeypud, Feb 23, 9:53pm
I parboil mine for 5 minutes, let them go cold and then use olive oil in an oven on 180*C for an hour to an hour and a quarter, they are always lovely and crispy. I find Agria the best also.

angie117, Feb 24, 7:44pm
I just put mine in the oven, and spray them with oil every 15 min.

lythande1, Feb 24, 8:06pm
Then you didn't cook them long enough. I've been doing that for years. Don't use loads of oil, just a touch, not so you have puddles.

ambadee, Feb 25, 2:53am
YEp - what you said. Shaking the drained parboiled spuds in the pot, lid on, so the outside of the potato smashes a bit = perfect roast taties.

jodie-mike, Feb 25, 4:34am
ohhhh i have a differant version to everyone else for once!
i peel mine and then rake over the surface of the spud with the tines of a fork creating grooves all over the surface (warning-sprays lots in your face so make sure to squint) then i sprinkle with salt and roast as usual. they always come out crispy.

topzone, Feb 25, 5:00am
Here's one way if you have a roast that needs to cook low and slow, peel and chop your spuds uniformly then wash in cold water, in a plastic bag put say two table spoons of flour and one of chicken stock.
Roll the spuds in the plastic bag Cook the spuds in the oven but in an oiled seperate dish from the meat, when you remove the meat to rest it turn on the grill to crisp and brown the spuds but keep an eye on them ! - delish

mwood, Feb 25, 5:04am
Peel, cut, bring to theboil in a pot with plenty of water and half a lemon. Turn out into a colander let them steam "dry" until you are ready to roast them then swirl around in the colander to roughen the outside then roll them lightly in the roasting pan with oil, fat, whatever and put them into a hot oven (you are roasting meat as well - right? ) for 1 hour before service and there you have it - crispy outside - soft inside. If you don't rough them up then you have hard brown outer shell - simple - two choices.

bohemian4, Feb 25, 5:40am
Dare I venture to add anything to the above posts. But it is all in the potato cultivar. You can only get a really crisp potato if you use a potato low in sugar and high starch. Agria will crisp nicely.

stormbaby, Feb 25, 10:40am
I have given up doing them in the oven over Summer (too darn hot! ) and do them in the electric frypan. They are soooo yummy. Sometimes I precook in the microwave for 5 minutes, often not, and just cut smaller. My secret is using butter, and roast garlic salt which I buy from either the market or the deli shop. Its devine.

lythande1, Feb 25, 9:44pm
Look. You leave anything in the oven long enough and not only will it go crisp and golden, it will then go past that stage and go black and catch fire.
Don't cook in the same dish as the meat - the liquid stews them. Cook separate, with a touch of oil or whatever. Cook at least 200 degrees, and the smaller you cut, the faster it is, the bigger - the longer. Common sense. You don't need fancy methods, its just time.

hootashoota, Sep 11, 3:56am
ok, I will tell of the old english way, my mother and grandmother used it before me. . All you have to do is roll them in flour and put into hot oil or lard or dripping... . they will not stick and will crisp up beautiful

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