So many nights slow cooking

vpalmer, Sep 15, 4:13am
that I've forgotten how to cook a topside!!! Can someone tell me if I'm to slow cook for 2-3 hours for tender juicy meat or just 30 min for every 500g? Isn't topside the same as roast beef? URGH too many choices in meat...we should just all have mince tonight!! tia

fee1965, Sep 15, 4:19am
Check edmonds book for how many mins per 500g - or just roast on high heat for 25mins to brown the outisde then turn down to 160 ish for about 2 1/2 hours, remember to rest.

vpalmer, Sep 15, 4:22am
thanks, will the latter make it tender and juicy or just well done? We like our meat med rare.

fee1965, Sep 15, 4:26am
definately call a butcher or check edmonds books, i only like mine med-well done

245sam, Sep 15, 4:41am
vpalmer, have a look at:-'s%20Beef%20Cuts_Cuts%20First.pdf

Scroll down through that link and you should find all the info' you need now, and it is also a useful source of info' to keep in mind for future reference.:-))

vpalmer, Mar 20, 4:47pm
Excellent THANKS! ☺