I went to a bbq once and one of the entrees was

irish15, Feb 22, 8:10am
the bread in the very long rolls you know the ones 3ft long ahahha they were sliced and covered in cream cheese(any particular one) then they had a bit of samon on top. Question to you is which cream cheese and which salmon as there is some many options from supermarkets! . Slices, chunks etc. bbq this weekend and panicing
thanks for starters

auntlb, Feb 22, 8:36am
I use a light cream cheese - sometimes Philladelphia one but not always. I just buy the large pack of salmon slices - usually buy on special for $9. 50 - $12 on special. The slices are nice and thin and you don't need a lot on top of the cream cheese so it goes a long way. Another really nice topping is tomato relish with roast beef and cheese - you can omit the beef if you have vegetarians - relish and cheese togther is yummy too

hezwez, Feb 22, 9:56am
I think they're even scrummier if you slice and bake them on low heat (about 120 degrees) until they're crisp, the same way you can make kids' double baked rusks, before the toppings are put on. They're easier to eat, not chewy as they are if un-doublebaked.

jessie981, Feb 22, 10:14am
I do much the same as auntlb but also use chopped cooked crispy bacon instead of the salmon.

alebix, Feb 22, 11:48am
or you can mix the cream cheese and sweetcorn relish together and spread that on the roll then top with your choice of meat or vege.

irish15, Aug 30, 4:10am
excellent thankyou all

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