Recipe for bbq fish

mizzip, Jan 3, 11:10pm
ages ago I was at someones house, they did fish in tinfoil on the bbq - it had tomatoes and stuff inside the foil.. delicious!can anyone give me some tips for cooking this and what to put in the foil?

lx4000, Jan 4, 12:49am
lemon juice, onion, fav herb that you like with that fish along with a bit of salt and pepper if liked. Cherry or chopped tomatoes and maybe a bit of parsley when you open to serve it:)


mizzip, Jan 4, 12:57am
oh yum, how easy!!thanks lx4000 - how long do you bbq it for, its not like you can see it in the tinfoil?

lx4000, Jan 4, 3:59am
just guess!! It depends on the thickness of the fish!

I just guess. Believe it or not, I'm vegie and have been for over 30 years!!


fisher, Jan 4, 4:05am
mizzip...lay out your tin foil and double it... lay out some chunky slivers of butter on the foil and place your fish fillets on top of the butter... (You can make individual parcels for each person)..
A good sprinkle of salt and white pepper.. and a pinch or two of lemon pepper.. now a squeeze of lemon juice and a slice of lemon.. (the squeezed slices will be fine).. Pick some fresh parsley and dill.. but dried will be fine and lay out on top.. wrap the parcels on each side and place on the hot bbq hotplate for 4-5 mins each side and if fat fillets, 7 mins each side...

mizzip, Jan 4, 6:50am
awesome, thanks guys, will do it tomorrow night :)

uli, Jan 4, 7:57am
Personally I would not use acid on aluminium foil.
That is no lemon or vinegar.
In theory also no tomatoes ...

mizzip, Jan 4, 9:14am
oh uli - you make a parcel out of baking paper first then tinfoil over the top :)

fisher, Jan 4, 9:54pm
Some folks wear tinfoil}
Been doing it for over 40 years..aint killed me yet.. and its not like the foil gets super hot for a reaction to occur...

uli, Jan 3, 5:09pm
Hmmm fisher - doesn't the reaction occur when it is in contact? Nothing to do with heat - at least it didn't in my school classes.