Stir fry question/problem

survivorr, Aug 21, 9:19pm
I've defrosted some beef to stir fry but I can see there's going to be a LOT left over ... does it freeze successfully?

lythande1, Aug 21, 9:33pm
Re freeze you mean? You can do that.

survivorr, Aug 21, 11:00pm
Yes, I often do that once I've cooked a dish but this time I'm just wondering about what it will be like (mainly the vegetables) when I de-frost it again.

fifie, Aug 21, 11:22pm
Sometimes i make a combination beef or pork rice dish with leftover roast meat or stirfry meats, and rice then freeze that for my non cook daysi don't freeze leftover stirfry vegs find they wentmushy, just throw a few mixed vegs in the rice works for me...

dezzie, Aug 21, 11:52pm
if its going to be way to much, why not just use as much beef as you need for the stirfry and put the rest in your fridge to use in something else tomorrow?

buzzy110, Aug 22, 12:27am
Do not refreeze raw meat unless you like the idea of food poisoning, if that is what you mean.

chef1964, Aug 22, 1:07am
defrosted meat can be safely re-frozen as long as it is "changed" in some way
ie do not re-freeze raw meat but if you cook it then freeze it , it should be safe

dezzie, Feb 15, 12:44am
I said fridge, and use it tomorrow. not refreeze.