Samosas can you fry if made with flakey pastry

anden16, Jun 27, 5:01am
The samosa recipe I have found says fry if using filo pastry but bake if using flakey-why is this please. Andhas anyone fried flakey pastry please?

buzzy110, Jun 27, 5:14am
To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever thought to fry flakey pastry. It was specifically invented/designed for baking. You could try of course, however, as flaky pastry is just that, flaky pastry, your samosa will be a pie or pasty not a samosa. Now I just know I am going to get into trouble for saying that and will be reviled as a purist, but that's life. Even using filo pastry is stretching the boundaries of what a samosa is. It will still be just an unusually folded pasty IMO.

anden16, Jun 27, 6:39am
Thanks- I did bake them and they were yummy- I had chicken biriyani leftovers . I served them with chilli coriander sauce. Yum However I agree with you that they are pasties -but the no frying was good as I have had a triple bypass.

elliehen, Jun 27, 9:18am
Alison Holst has a baked samosa recipe. I use filo and it's well-received... all the flavour, without the extra fat.

emmapear, Jun 28, 3:18am
A samosa is not baked... it is made with either a roti or raw dough and then fried depending on what part of India you are in.

pickles7, Jun 28, 4:20am
Filo dose not have the fat content, so will hold together when fried
Flaky pastry on the other hand has a high fat content, on frying will more than likely puff up and the filling will spill out into the oil.

elliehen, Jun 28, 4:46am
emmapear, I think we are talking about authentic and non-authentic here. Alison Holst introduced a baked samosa as a low-fat alternative. It's non-authentic, but a good alternative for those who don't want (or can't stomach) their food drenched in fat.

buzzy110, Jun 28, 5:24am
Alison Holst can call her wrapped in filo and baked concoction samosa if she wants but that will not change the fact that it is a pasty with a spicy filling.

ruby19, Sep 12, 11:03am
According towikipedia, "A samosa is a stuffed pastry and a popular snack in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, throughout the Mediterranean (Greece), Southwest Asia, the Horn of Africa and North Africa. It generally consists of a fried or baked triangular, semilunar or tetrahedral pastry shell with a savory filling, which may include spiced potatoes, onions, peas, coriander, and lentils, or ground beef or chicken. The size and shape of a samosa as well as the consistency of the pastry used can vary considerably, although it is mostly triangular. Samosas are often served with tamarind chutney or curd.

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