Speights cookbook lambs fry recipe

greerg, Nov 6, 11:24pm
I suspect I am getting this book for Christmas (son's pretty keen on the Speights Ale House hearty-type food) but in the meantime I would like to try the "grandma's lambs fry and bacon" recipe. One son really wants me to make this and although I do cook kidneys and sweetbreads I've never tried lambs fry - just know that its horrible if overcooked. It doesn't seem to be on the web so if anyone does have the book and could post the recipe I'd be very grateful.

harrislucinda, Nov 6, 11:44pm
notin thebookbutjustaplainwayofcookingit,slicethelambsfrythinlydustwithflourandfrywithanonionslicedthenaddslicedbaconseasonthenaddwatersimmertheflourwillthicken ,simmerfor40minorthereaboutsandcaneitherthickenagainif toorunnyoraddmorewaterifsimmeredaway

greerg, Nov 6, 11:56pm
Thanks Lucinda - does that create a good brown gravy?

kiwitrish, Nov 7, 12:26am
I have a good recipe I always use but it's done in the crock pot.First I always soak my sliced liver in milk for as long as possible.Makes the liver taste so much nicer.Here is the recipe.

Braised Liver and Onions (serves 4)
4 Tbsp oil, 2 large onions, sliced,450g lambs liver, 400ml beef stock (I use oxo cubes) 50g plain flour seasoned.

Pre heat crock pot on High for 20 mins.Heat 2 Tbsp of oil in frypan and fry the onions until golden.Add to the crock pot.Coat the thinly sliced liver in the seasoned flour.Add remaining 2 Tbsp of oil into frypan and fry liver until sealed.Add to crock pot.Add remaini ng flour to frypan and stir in the stock.Bring to the boil and transfer to crock pot.Cook on High for 30 mins then switch to low for about 3 hours.Serve with grilled bacon if liked.

It tastes really good and has a nice gravy.

harrislucinda, Jul 18, 12:11pm