Chuck steak in Stir Fry?

dgmossman, Aug 13, 3:12am
Is it ok to use chuck steak for a stir fry if it is sliced thinly? Or will it be really tough? TIA

luckyduck, Aug 13, 3:16am
could work if marinated long enough but would be more tougher than the better frying ones

fey, Aug 13, 3:18am
I wouldn't. Unless you cooked it really really briefly on a searingly hot heat.

2halls, Aug 13, 3:18am
If you keep it really rare (and slice it across the grain), it will be chewy but edible (just), if you even cook it to medium, it will be like tough chewing gum. Could you put the chuck steak on now to slow cook and just do some stir fried vege to go with it ? That would give you a much nicer dish ... :-)

dgmossman, Aug 13, 3:19am
Thanks people, I will save the chuck steak for another dinner then...

naki45, Aug 13, 3:37am
If you really wanted to use it, You could try the baking soda trick with it and see how that works (One of the many awesome tips I have picked up from here. )

If you have to use one of the toughercuts of beef, blade would probably be a bit better than chuck.

mber2, Jan 21, 11:15pm
I use off cuts of shnitzell for stir fry and use the chuck for a casserole