Ceramic coated fry pans

robyn35, Jan 28, 5:54am
are they any good?Looking to replace a horrible non stick fry pan with something a bit better but dont have a lot of money to spend on one so wanted to know if this sort is ok, thanks

cookessentials, Jan 28, 6:09am
My understanding is yes, they are. Bialetti make a great one...check the link and if you scroll to the bottom of it, you will see there is a video link which should give you some good info.

robyn35, Jan 28, 6:15am
thank you will check the link out

nauru, Jan 28, 8:11am
I replaced my frypan with the large size ceramic pan that are available at Farmers, got it on 50% off sale.Recommended to me by a family friend who has had hers for a couple of years and uses it all the time and it's still as good as new. They just need a wipe out with kitchen roll after use.

lilyfield, Jan 28, 8:20am
same here- very pleased with it.

kirinesha, Jan 28, 8:24am
I got one recently and am seriously impressed.

sooseque, Jan 28, 9:36am
Have gone back to cast iron and if seasoned correctly they are almost as good as a non stick pan and brown much better

cap, Jan 29, 3:45am
I bought one on special at Farmers too and so far I am happy with it.They have a few different brands.I got the Baccarat one.

winnie231, Jan 29, 4:07am
I was impressed with my Farmers one ... for a while ... then everything started to stick!
I believe the good quality ones are a worthwhile purchase but cannot recommend the cheap imitation Farmers are flogging off ... especially after I was told by someone who worked there that even at the 50% off price they are still making a good profit on what they import them from China for!

cookessentials, Jan 29, 5:35am
Yep, thats right winnie, in fact Briscoes are the same...people think 60% off is a good deal, however, Briscooes still makes full profit. Bad economics to buy cheap crap.

wron, Jan 31, 9:51am
Briscoes also sell the major brands of electric slow cookers / kettles / irons / grills - 50 - 60% offis pretty good value - just need to wait a few days for their next "sale"!

pat56, Jan 31, 9:58am
Their sale prices are more like a normal retail. Only a fool would pay the "regular" retail price on the few days each week they run. Always intriqued as to why the Commerce Comm has not taken them to task over this type of marketing as their sales are so regular that the sale price should now be classed as normal.

cookessentials, Jan 31, 6:18pm
This is why they continuously are having sales, they have dug themselves a hole...their sale prices are not like normal retail at all. They are well aware that most customers only patronise them when they DO have a sale.

lilyfield, Jan 31, 6:46pm
no shop gives anything away. Of course they still make a profit on their 60 % off.