Stir fry chicken recipe

fonsay, Jun 28, 10:14pm
Hi there, I have scrolled through the pages and can't find a thread for stir fry chicken. Does anyone have a tasty, easy recipe please?

Thanks heaps.

cookessentials, Jun 28, 10:27pm
It is the sort of dish that you can throw pretty much anything in. Sliced chicken, onion, a little garlic or ginger, julienned carrots, brocolli florets, tamari or soy sauce ( although, I prefer organic tamari), mushrooms, snow pea shoots, mung beans ( bean sprouts) you can also add a little honey to your taste which gives it a nice glaze.

lukn4bargans, Jun 29, 12:11am
I also like to boil up some Chinese noodles in another pot then throw them in at the end. For flavouring I just us good ole soya sauce and thats it. Unless you are a pro, I found adding things like Oyster and fish sauce really wrong if you don't know how much to add.

Also add some chillies, dried or fresh for a good hit.

rolznsp, Jun 29, 2:42am
i lovvvvvvvve the chicken tonight creamy mushroom sauce. its very yummy poured in with chicken pieces n stir fry veges

fonsay, Sep 16, 11:13pm
Cool thanks for that... I ended up making butter (less) chicken, maybe next time I will do stir fry. .