Maggi Spicy Chicken Recipe

arya5, May 17, 9:36pm
Years ago on the back of a maggi packet there was a recipe called spicy chicken, its made with pasta, chicken and cream of chicken soup that's all i can remember. Does anyone here remember this recipe? Would be much appreciated if you could post the recipe on here. Thanks! ! :)

red2, May 18, 12:17am
maybe have a look at
The recipe may be on there ?

arya5, May 20, 2:46am
Thanks, i already had tried on there.

maz23, May 22, 6:49pm
Got it! ! ! Still one of my favourites
Spicy Chicken
Tbsp oil, onion, 400gm cubed chicken, pkt Cr of Chicken Soup, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, 1-2tsp curry, 2Tbsp Fruit Chutney, 150gm spiral pasta, Tbsp chopped parsley
Heat oil, Add onion, cook til soft. Add chicken , cook til brown, Drain oil.
Combine soup , water, milk, curry and chutney. Add to pan, bring to boil, Stirring, Simmer 4-6mins til chicken cooked, Stir in pasta and parsley.
While sauce is cooking, cook pasta.