Anyone make a mean spicy tomato based sauce?

supern0va, Aug 27, 10:32am
I'm looking for some alternate ideas. Most mornings I use a spicy homemade sauce base, then add black/red kidney beans, chopped spinach leaves (or bok choi), shredded purple cabbage, and chopped Asian black fungus. and have it on toasted vogels, spread with avocado.

My sauce uses a can of whole organic cherry tomatoes with the skin on, which I smash with a potato masher. then I add a liberal amount of cayenne pepper, chilli flakes and chipotle chilli. some cinnamon, then cumin, oregano, smoked paprika and a small dash of dark brown sugar, cracked black pepper and a twist of rock salt. It has a strong spicy kick that builds lol. just how I like it.

I heat it slowly, doesnt boil and stir it consistently so it doesnt burn. Leave it out overnight in a stainless bowl and its a nice consistency there on in.

Any one else make a chilli based sauce? See anything I could add to mix it up? I purposely avoid garlic and onion as I have to go to work hahaha.

malcovy, Aug 28, 6:31am
I love adding one (la morena is the brand name) chipotle pepper in abobo sauce to black bean chili. Next time I will add two.

supern0va, Aug 28, 8:21am
Thanks for your reply. I have added chipotle pepper in abobo sauce on occasion. I agree it adds another dimension but once I read the cans label I noticed it had garlic in it also? Im trying to avoid garlic. so I added ground chipotle in its place.

daarhn, Jan 1, 10:01am
My slow oven roasted 4-5 hour caramelized tomato sauce/relish takes it to another level of delish. Brings out the natural rich sweetness. It can include chillis or plums or both along with the seasonal basics of well ripened tomatoes, paprikas, garlic, onions with various fresh herbs on hand. Good slugs of olive oil.

For relish, it's ladled into the jar, hot, as is. For a sauce ketchup style, then it's a quick whizz to get the consistency I like. Multitude of uses and made in bulk. 15-20 decent sized jars at a time.

Brings back the memories of old of a dish I only make when I'm prepping this sauce once a year. A dish called 'bruit'. Cutlets of snapper nestled in the finished sauce to gently simmer and absorb all that red rich sweet hotness, served with simple crusty artisan loaf to sop the sauce, fresh cracked pepper, salt and fresh lemons to squeeze over.

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