Anyone have a spicy tomato soup recipe?

havachew, Jul 5, 11:16pm
I was out for lunch yesterday and had a delicious spicy tomato soup, now i would lovea recipe for some!

kbrough, Jul 5, 11:33pm
The kids love this one... . .

one onion
one can of mexican tomatoes
one small packet of Cambells vege stock
1/2 cup of red lentills

fry chopped onion in olive oil, add canned tomatoes, stock and lentills, cook 25 minutes and blend when cool. I often add some chopped garlic as well. Feeds 3 of us.

pickles7, Oct 2, 4:16pm
Probably came out of a can. Tomatoes are not very tasty right now. I would add a chopped chili. tomato and chili, nice