bottled tomato soup & spaghetti recipies?

julmar, Mar 8, 9:40pm
Hi, I had and loaned out the best little preserving recipe book on preserving, it was an old 70's ish book, It had a fantastic bottled tomato soup recipe and from memory one for bottled spaghetti. I would love it if someone has the book and could pass the details on or any other onee that could be similar. thanks in advance.

julmar, Mar 8, 9:52pm
oh forgot, the book was one of a series at the time that were all themed, there were mince recipes, casseroles etc, all themed. very common. It had rough almost like recycled unbleached pages, no pictures from memory and very simple type. . hope that helps. Darn people who don't return borrowed treasures lol

fifie, Mar 8, 10:01pm
Can't help with the bottled soup recipe sorry but here is a good crockpot recipe i make every winter using up surplus tomatoes to freeze.
Ripe Tomatoes, 1 onion, 2-3 cloves garlic, 1 tsp salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoons tomato paste, 2-3 beef or veg stock cubes crumbled, 1 tablespoon wine vinegar, few fresh herbs. Good pinch curry powder, 3-4 bay leafs. Slice bread pulled into pieces
Turn crock/p on high to heat, Skin tomatoes by pouring hot water over them leave for while drain and peel skins off. Fill up crockpot with tomatoes add chopped onion, crushed garlic, saltbread sugar, Tomato paste, stock, vinegar, curry powder. Lid on and cook on high 1/2 way through cooking squish down with potato masher. When done remove bay leaves, add your freshly chopped herbs and puree with blender till creamy, cool and freeze. Soup is nice and thick and tasty.
If you want thin soup re heat and add dash cream or sour cream serve sprinkled with parsley.

julmar, Mar 9, 2:43am
yum, added that one to the pile, thanks loads. Ive even tried to google the spagheti recipie but can only find spaghetti sauce. I know the amounts were vital or it would either be runny or the pasta would soak the sauce up. . fingers crossed someone might have it in their collection.

korbo, Mar 9, 8:46am
hang in there julmar. i am in bed with laptop, will try and remember to get back on here. have just made 4 batches of delicious tom soup, use the same recipe for spag. bump in the morning.

korbo, Mar 9, 8:04pm
tomato soup. .
14lb tomatoes, 7 med onions, 1. 1/2 cups sugar, 2 tblsp plain salt,
1/2lb butter, 3 teasp black ground pepper, 1 teaspn curry oowder, 1 teaspn mustard seed.
bring all to boil and boil 2 hours. put thru mouli and put in hot jars, seal, or let cool, then put into plastic containers in freezer.
I use the same for spagetti, and just boil up noddles and add.
sometimes, just add macaroni or any pasta.

julmar, Mar 9, 9:10pm
thanks so much... hoping to get some tomatoes from town this week, not many around this year to buy for bottling. We usually have loads in the garden but moved and started our tomatoes late and in a much smaller garden than usual. .

julmar, Apr 4, 10:53pm
fifie your recipe rules. . Its my new fav lol thanks for sharing

greerg, Jan 3, 11:07pm
It's been a good few years since I made this which is my Mother's recipe.
4. 6 kgs tomatoes, 400 grms onions, 1 pkt dried spaghetti, 140 grms sugar, 1 teasp pepper, ¾ teasp common salt, Garlic to taste:
Simmer sauce ingredients for 1 hour. Mouli, then add cooked spaghetti. Re-boil for 10 minutes. Bottle and seal. Makes 10 600 ml jars.

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