Organic Aduki Bean Spaghetti - wow!

uli, Aug 23, 8:48am

davidt4, Aug 23, 8:59pm
Mazzy, although the various non-grain noodles are gluten-free and grain-free they are not particularly low carb as they are made from highly refined starches extracted from mung beans, sweet potatoes etc. We occasionally eat Korean sweet potato noodles and bean thread noodles but not in huge quantities as we prefer food that is less processed.

mazzy1, Dec 9, 4:52pm
We have been grain-free, potato and starch-free (no rice or pasta) for a year now and have been thrilled with how good we feel and having lost 20 kg, how light we are! I guess it's a kind of paleo diet in a way - high protein and low carb. Anyhoo, at the local organic shop I spied some new organic pastas made from various ingredients like mung bean fettucine, macaroni etc and tonight I made a gorgeous sumptuous bolognaise with aduki bean spaghetti. Yum. Simply yum. And so authentic I felt slightly guilty eating it. They have a website for anyone interested in looking into some extra info Gluten free, vegan, kosher. it's so nice to find something to take the place of pasta instead of zucchini spaghetti and cauliflower rice, as nice as they are!

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